Inside a generic non-trademark legally-distinct coconut-filled chocolate bar factory, you are responsible for all the intricate machinery which turns coconuts and raw cacao beans into the world's tastiest treat! (Read the theme wiki if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Crush and grate coconuts, roast and smash cacao beans, and assemble it all into tasty bars for kids and adults everywhere. But wait, the conveyor belts are getting faster, it's time to prove you're a candy bar master!


Nicole Parmentier: Design, Programming, Sounds
Zachary Lapointe: Modeling, Music
Contact either at
All code and assets are original and made by the team during the jam, the font is available here and is free for non-commercial use.
Nicole is eligible for the Grand Prize.


Download 43 MB


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Clever game, I really enjoyed it (though was rubbish at it) Nice spin on the Bounty theme and I do love a voxel. I included it in a video I made I hope you don't mind!

Well done,

  The idea of a game jam is to FINISH something in a short period of time, and I'm impressed at how complete this execution is.  The concept is simple, but no detail has been missed.  Also "Bounty" => "Chocolate Bar", nice take on the theme.

Thanks so much! I think everyone has had a jam (at least one) where your game has no tutorial and you have to explain the controls and the goal in the submission page, which just leaves everything feeling a bit disjointed. I definitely strove to make this one complete, so I really appreciate your validation of that effort :)